Our Vision

Hong Kong has a small living environment and high-quality interior design can bring a more comfortable life. In addition to providing professional design, the company is committed to in-depth discussion of customer needs and to provide customers with a comfortable living environment, which is the core of our service.

Need from the start of the project to the completion of the project to give guests a peace of mind experience.

We Solve Your Concerns

San Marino takes care of everything, so you have more time to spend on better things!
Limited Space but Too Much Goods?
We understand Space is the property of life. Every Home is unique in its potential. Space planning ensures you get the most out of every inch of space. We are experts in spatial planning and provides timeless interior design service for customers.
First Payment is Too Expensive?
We have confidence in our service and are willing to start the project without deposit. Technical and regulatory needs are addressed in the beginning of the design process to avoid surprises leading to expensive delays and setbacks. Our commitment to projects being delivered on time and within budget is as important to us as the creative vision.
No Idea on Completion Date?
Our 5-step of work operation explains clearly complete process of every residential and commercial project. Our team works closely at every stage of the often-complicated process involved in design, construction and renovation. Communication is the key to ensure you’ve never in the dark about how your design goals are actualizing during the renovation.
No Concept on Designs?
A good Design doesn’t have to be extravagant, but it does have to be well considered. San Marino provides a fully comprehensive bespoke interior design service for customers. And our design will need to fall in line directly with your needs and limitations - this includes design requirements, priorities, budget, schedule and fee structure.
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